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No coffee drinks for the day

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30-Day Challenge

No Coffee


No Coffee

Improve your physical and mental health by quitting coffee for 30 days cold turkey.


  • No coffee or energy drinks incl. decaffeinated
  • Add Diary entry daily
  • Black Tea allowed wisely
Challenge Diary

"No Coffee" is harder than you think

"No Coffee" is a 30-day challenge that will get you out of your comfort zone and normal functioning for some time, but there are many health benefits that come along.

If you been a daily coffee consumer the beginning of the challenge is going to be bad, but the good thing is it only takes a few days, well up to a week, to get to your normal functioning again. After you do, you will feel great. It is definitely worth the try.


Less Headaches
Financial Savings
Breaking The Addiction
Better Mood
Lower Blood Pressure
Healthier Digestion
Increased Productivity
Better Sleep
Healthier Teeth
Decreased Anxiety



6 Coffee Alternatives That Will Boost Your Day
Coffee is the go-to morning drink for many people and you may think it is impossible to break this habit. However, there are plenty of healthy drink alternatives that can boost your day. Here we list our 6 favorite picks and how to make them.


5 Reasons To Do "No Coffee"
Although caffeine is generally considered safe for consumption in moderation, there are some solid benefits to breaking the addiction and quitting coffee.


Psychology Of Habits
Habit formation is the process by which new behaviors become automatic. If you instinctively reach for the coffee maker the moment you wake up in the morning, you have a habit.

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